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Great Commission Outreach

A New Testament church is a reaching church.  We seek to be an outward focused church, fulling the commission of Christ to go into all the world making disciples (Matt 28:19-20).  Fairfield seeks to connect our community to Jesus and his people by:

1. Building
The Gospel is not about numbers or programs, it has been and always will be about people.  For this reason, we consider relationship building to be a key component in the Great Commission.  Believer’s are encouraged and equipped to
– Build meaningful relationships intentionally focused on ministry and sharing Christ
– Invite members of our community to visit the Fairfield family at one of our regular services or events through the Find4 Program

2. Sharing
The responsibility of Gospel proclamation belongs to every believer.  For this reason, FBC members are encouraged to make faith sharing a regular part of their lives.  To assist this key part of our Christian service, FBC provides the following resources
– Gospel tracks, bibles, and resources for ministry and faith sharing
– Training, corporately & individually, to prepare for the practice of sharing our faith
– Planned opportunities to publicly share Christ

3. Giving
The fellowship of FBC cooperates financially with other churches in our community and abroad to further the Gospel.  As a church, we support the following organizations
– Cooperative Programs of the Southern Baptist Convention
– Nolachucky Baptist Association

Fairfield also provides direct support to Christ-centered ministries whose ultimate purpose is to further the spread of the Gospel.  These ministries currently include:
– The Crisis Pregnancy Center of Morristown, Tennessee
– Central Services

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